drgruff: (observing)
cмo leoɴαrd "вoɴeѕ" мccoy ([personal profile] drgruff) wrote 2013-05-26 04:18 am (UTC)

Bones in fact orders one small shot of Jack and is left staring at Jim when the barkeep moves to gather their orders. "We really ought to practice on your reasoning skills. Nothing you say ever makes since, and you looking to get punched around, again, is insane!" He really wants to keep his intake of alcohol tonight at a minimum, but knowing Kirk that won't happen.

"And I'm not playing doctor on you. You take your ass to a professional and I'll be fast asleep in my dorm where I ought to be now, no thanks to you." He exhales, and sometimes he has to ask himself if he overreacts too much, but no, not Bones, never.

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