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Swallowing Glass | for [personal profile] borntostars

Don't get him wrong now, he likes Jim, he does. However, it's when he has several tests the next morning to prepare for and Jim still drags him from his dorm anyway that makes McCoy want to strangle the farm boy. And these weren't just any tests, they were midterms and he had to do better than good, he had to excel because that's just how McCoy was - overachiever. You had to be at Starfleet Academy.

"Damn it, Jim, I'm pretty sure we're supposed to wait until after we learned we've past our tests tomorrow that we go out drinking." Someone had to be the voice of reason here, Kirk sure as hell wouldn't be. "We should applying our time to something more useful like, oh I dunno, studying? You especially. You've got more to lose should you fail than I do." And lecturing with continue, even as they enter the bar in search of vacant seats at the counter.
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"Relax Bones, look at it this way. You're already tired and grumpy, and won't retain the information at this point anyway." He says clapping him on the back, steering him over to two open stools that have just been vacated. "Besides, I studied." He says with a hint of a smirk on his face. He orders himself a Budweiser classic and then whatever McCoy orders he misses, as he scans the bar to see how the atmosphere is.

"Plus, who knows, maybe i'll get into a fight and then you can have some real hands on studying while you patch me up!"